New Student Enrollment

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Steps for enrolling a student at MPHS:

  1. Complete the enrollment paperwork. The forms are listed below and can be printed and completed at your convenience. If at all possible, please email completed forms to, otherwise paperwork can be dropped off at the High School main office.
  2. Once the Counseling Office receives the paperwork and verifies information, the request for records will be sent to the students previous school.
  3. When a copy of the student’s transcript, grades at time of withdrawal, and copy of IEP (if applicable) are received, the Counseling Office will schedule a phone appointment or video chat with the parent/guardian, student, and counselor to enroll the student in classes. If the student would like a tour of the school, arrangements can be made. To speed up the process, you may request the student’s transcript yourself and include it in the new enrollment paperwork.
  4. Typically the student can start within 48 hours, after the scheduling appointment. Teachers must be given 24 hour notice when a new student is starting school and time is needed to generate login passwords for PowerSchool and Google.
  5. On the student’s first day of school, the new student will have a current student or counselor show them around to their classes, lunch, office, etc.

New Student Enrollment Forms

Here is a list of all required documents for enrollment (pdf) and below is a link to each form that parent/guardian and student must complete.

Request for Records

Student Registration Application (pdf)

Proof of Residency

Release of Immunization Records (pdf)

Acceptable Use of Technology (pdf)

Academic Integrity Pledge

Free-and-Reduced Lunch Application (pdf)

Helpful Information

After School Tutoring with QR Code 20-21(pdf)

Stay Connected to MPHS! (pdf)

Additional Forms for 9th Graders Only


  • Counseling Office (989) 775-2205
  • School of Choice: (989) 775-2300 ext 312
  • Busing: (989) 775-2323
  • Special Education Department:  (989) 775-2300 ext 351