The mission of the Mt. Pleasant High School Parent Teacher Organization (MPHS-PTO) is to create a caring and responsive academic environment for the high school community.  This community includes the parents/guardians, students, teachers, staff and administration. The primary purpose of the MPHS-PTO is to keep parents informed about the programs and activities going on at MPHS and to promote parent participation in volunteer, advisory, and advocacy roles.

The MPHS-PTO is not a fundraising organization.  The organization relies on annual donations of $10.00 per MPHS family to support the efforts of the MPHS-PTO.

PTO Board Members

Michelle Harrast, President  989-513-2311

Gwen Henrie, Vice President  989-773-2929

Krystal Campbell, Treasurerk  989-621-2826

Wafa Hozien, Secretary  804-247-7963

Bernie Cesena, Teacher Appreciation  989-773-8607

Sarah Cassavaugh, Web Coordinator  989-430-1284

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact a board member if you are interested in volunteering or serving as a board member.

Volunteer Opportunities Coordinated by PTO:

  • MPHS Open House
  • Welcome treats for teachers and staff
  • Bus Driver Appreciation (District)
  • P/T Conference Snacks – Fall
  • Winter Clothing Drive – Before Thanksgiving
  • Holiday Gift Bags (Teaches/Staff) – December
  • School Board Appreciation – January
  • P/T Conference Snacks – Spring
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Opportunities Coordinated by MPHS Staff

(contact Liz Busch

  • English Language Learner (ELL) Tutor – improve the reading and literacy skills of a MPHS student learning English as a Second Language
  • Foreign Language Tutors/Translators
  • PTO Volunteer Form (pdf)

Volunteer forms can be returned or mailed to the MPHS Principal’s Office (1155 S. Elizabeth St., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858)