Fashion and Design Club

The purpose of the Fashion and Design Club is to offer an after school resource for anyone interested in fashion and/or design.  We have started this club as a place where people of like interests can come together and share ideas about Fashion and Interior Design. Members learn about the various opportunities within the Fashion and Design Industry. They continue to gain knowledge about the industry from out of the class experiences and during the meetings. All which helps to develop, grow, and express ourselves within the world of fashion and design.  The club has participated in creative activities such as: Fashion Sketching, Explored fashion with Duct tape, Fashion Merchandising at a trip to TJMaxx, Participated in stylish events by attending the “Threads” fashion show at CMU, Toured the Interior Design senior portfolio display at CMU, Guest speakers, We have recently committed to use one of our two meetings a month to clean and organize the SPARC closet.

Advisor: Megan Williams