Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Advising

Dual Enrollment Information Meeting (4-22) (pdf)

Dual Enrollment 2022 Student/Parent Letter (pdf)

Dual Enroll Payment info 2021-22 (pdf)

Dual Enrollment Policies/FAQ  (pdf)

Dual Enrollment Partners: click on the links below for more information

 For dual enrollment options at other institutions, see your counselor.

Request Your Transcripts / Send Your Transcripts

  1. Go to www.parchment.com to create your parchment account.
  2. Do not use school email! You will not have access to it after graduation.
  3. Carefully record your Username and Password.
  4. After you’ve created your account, you’ll see, right under your name, a box with graphics and a plus sign (+) in the center. Click on the plus sign to add Mt Pleasant High School.
  5.  Type Mt Pleasant High School in the search bar and hit enter. Select MPHS in Mt Pleasant, MI by selecting “ADD”.
  6. Next Page: select Mt Pleasant High School. If you’ve added multiple schools, this page allows you to select from all the schools you may have entered.
  7. Next Page: you have the choice to send your transcript immediately or wait to send it after grades are finalized (i.e. the end of a trimester or end of the year).
  8. “Sign” to approve the transaction. Transcripts are free to send until after a student graduates High School, then the cost is $3.75).

Once the request is submitted, it goes electronically to Mr. Kennard in the Counseling Office.  He then pulls your transcript electronically and attaches to the request in Parchment. Mr. Kennard will usually send them out everyday, but it could take up to three days. Once Mr. Kennard sends it, the college/university receives it immediately.

If a college/university gives you a specific email address to send your transcript, you can still go through Parchment by selecting “I’m sending it to myself or another individual”  and manually enter the person’s name and email address.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Counseling Office at 989-775-2205.