AP Test Information

The 2019-20 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents is now available in the Counseling Office.  This guide to the AP program has test security and admin policies, student checklist, info for getting ready for exam day, and 2020 AP Exam schedule and more.


Students: To sign up for an AP test, complete the 2020 AP Exam Registraton (pdf) form and return the form along with payment to the Counseling Office. You will receive a copy of your form as a receipt, and a booklet outlining the testing process that lists the dates and times for all the tests. Students attending BPA Nationals may have to register for the late testing date, and an additional fee applies. 

At Exam Time Fill in your AP® answer sheets carefully and consistently to prevent delays in score access. Your name, date of birth, sex, mailing address, and email address are especially important.

Before July visit the College Board website to sign up for an account. It’s best to provide the same information on your College Board account and your AP answer sheet. You may already have an account – try signing in to confirm.

In July Remember the following information to access your scores:

How to Earn Credit for Your Scores

If you earn an AP Exam score of 3 or higher, chances are you can receive credit, advanced placement or both from your college — nearly all colleges and universities in the United States — as well as many institutions in more than 60 other countries — grant credit and placement for AP scores or acknowledge AP scores in the admission process.

College credit and/or advanced placement can be a big reward for all the hard work you put into your AP courses and exams. Also, when you enter college with credit you’ve already earned through AP, you can save time and money. With a head start on your degree, you may have the flexibility to move into upper-level courses sooner, pursue a double major or study abroad.

So, How Does It All Work?

The first thing to understand is that each college and university — not the College Board or the AP Program — makes its own decisions about awarding credit and placement. Most have a written policy spelling out things like the minimum required score to earn credit for a given AP Exam, the amount of credit awarded and how credits are applied. You can review this information by using the AP Credit Policy Search but make sure to confirm it on the college’s website since policies can change.

To receive credit, you must request that the College Board send your official AP score report to the college of your choice, either at the time of testing or afterward through a score report request. Colleges will usually notify you during the summer, after receiving your scores, about any credit, placement and/or course exemptions you have earned. If you have questions about the status of your AP credit or placement, you should contact your college.Send your AP score report to your college.

Studio Art: Last day for your school to submit digital portfolios and to gather 2-D Design and Drawing students for the physical portfolio assembly. Students should have forwarded their completed digital portfolios to their teachers well before this date.