Weeble Room



Please call by 9:00am if your child will be absent or extremely late so that we can adjust our lunch order.


Generally each caregiver will have up to four children in their care.  A primary caregiver will be assigned to your child to attend to his or her individual needs.  This helps during mealtime and diapering. The caregivers will work with all children to give each child a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment.  We feel that it is important that both children and parents get to know and feel comfortable with all caregivers.


Each teacher in our room loves working with children and wants only the best for them.  We give lots of hugs and affection every day. We appreciate your input and need to hear any concerns you may have.  Your child’s happiness is our top priority!


6:30    Open – free play

8:30    Breakfast

9:30    Change diapers/ bathroom

10:00     Art/Music/Areas

10:30     Outdoors/Gym time

11:30     Lunch

12:30     Diapers/ bathroom

1:00    Nap/Rest Time

3:00    Wake up/Quiet play change diapers/bathroom

3:30    Snack

4:00    Outdoors/Gym time

5:00    Areas/ Clean-up 

6:00    Close

Our schedule may change occasionally to meet the individual needs of the children.


A day in the Weeble room involves plenty of free time for your child to explore their world and interact with other children and caring adults.  We try to have the children do certain things as a group. These include mealtime, outdoor time and naps. However, if your child needs a morning or later afternoon nap we are happy to accommodate them.

General Information


We use only disposable diapers as required by the public health laws.  You may bring in a box/bag labeled with your child’s name and we will remind you when your supply is getting low.  Parents are also required to provide wipes for their child. Please bring in AT LEAST one change of clothing (shirt, pants, socks) to keep on hand.  Please label all articles of clothing, including coats, hats, mittens and boots.


The children nap on cots provided by the Center.  Parents are asked to provide a crib sheet and blanket.  You may also bring a “huggie” or pacifier if your child likes to sleep with one.  We are happy to cuddle and rock the children to sleep if necessary.


We play outdoors every day when weather permits.  Please be sure your child has adequate outdoor play clothing.  This includes coat, hat, mittens and boots for winter months. Also be sure to send sunscreen for the summer months.


The diaper changing table, high chairs, and tables are sanitized after each use.  Toys and cots are cleaned weekly, while small toys are cleaned daily. Bedding is sent home every week to be laundered.  Our goal is to provide a clean and healthy environment for your child.