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You can bring a lot to Mt. Pleasant Public Schools in the form of your energy, time, ideas, or donations. Here are some guidelines to get started using your skills and resources to help your local school.Please follow these simple steps to become a Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Volunteer:

  1. Review the following guidelines prior to applying to be a volunteer for Mt. Pleasant Public Schools and attending your first volunteer event. These guidelines will help answer questions you may already have and inform you of our volunteer policies.
  2. Complete the Application for Volunteers by following the link below. You will receive a confirmation that your application has been received when you are complete. You will NOT be contacted if you are approved, only individuals NOT APPROVED will receive notice. If you are unsure please contact the administrator for the building in which you are trying to volunteer for.
  3. If you are NOT approved and would like to appeal this decision you may do so by completing the following Background Check Appeal below. This only needs to be completed if you’ve received notice that you were not approved and would like to appeal this decision. You will then be scheduled to meet with the Assistant Superintendent to discuss this decision.

Guidelines for Volunteers (pdf)

Application for Volunteers (Google Link)