Tyke Room


We are very excited that you have joined our room!  We look forward to helping your child grow and develop in a secure, happy, stimulating environment.  Please feel free to speak with us if you have any questions or concerns.


There will be two or three primary teachers throughout the day.  The children will work with all of the teachers, but each child is assigned to a specific primary teacher.  This helps during group time, mealtime, and special events.


During summer months we use the sprinklers.  You will receive a note and permission slip explaining this when it gets warm. If you would like your child to have chapstick, sunblock, or bugspray we will keep it in our cabinet and dispense it as your child needs it.  There are permission slips available for each. We ask that each child bring in a family picture for our Picture Board. The children enjoy sharing their families with each other. Food is not allowed from home as we use the Federal Food Program.  Personal food can also create problems among the children. Children are allowed to bring in birthday treats. We encourage you and your child to visit before their actual start date. Most children find it comforting to know what to expect when they start in our room. Parents are welcome to share their time and talents with us at any time.  You are welcome to stop by for a visit or come and have lunch with your child.



6:30                         Open

7:00-8:30               Open Breakfast/open play time

8:30-9:30                Art/ concept time 

9:30-9:50                 Clean up- story time

9:50-10:00               Potty

10:00-11:15              Outside play

11:15-11:45              Music

11:45-12:15              Lunch

12:15-12:45             Bathroom/Brush Teeth

12:45-1:20               Outdoor Play or concept time

1:30-3:15                  Nap/Rest time

3:15-3:45                  Potty/ open story time

3:45-4:10                  Snack

4:10-5:25                  Outdoor Play

5:30-6:00                  Pick up/Toddler Room. Close

Our schedule may change to meet the individual needs of the children.

During Open Playtime

children are free to go from one

Area to another. We plan several developmentally appropriate activities that are coordinated with our

weekly theme.  The areas that are available

To choose from are:

  • Floor Toys                      
  • Table Toys
  • Pretend                               
  • Library
  • Science                               
  • Art
  • Sensory Table

General Information


We recommend that you dress your child in play clothes.  Although we do use aprons, some art projects do get messy.  We also play outside every day. The Tykes are encouraged to dress independently. We prefer your child wear tennis shoes, as it makes climbing on playground equipment much safer. Please keep extra clothes (appropriate to the season) in your child’s cubby in case of accidents.


The children use the bathroom as a group regularly.  The facilities are always available to them. If you are still potty training, please bring wipes.  If you are still in the diaper stage, you will need to provide those also. We prefer diapers instead of pull-ups, but we will work with whatever your family has decided upon.


Nap is from 1:15-3:15.  We rub backs and play soft music to settle the children.  Children who do not sleep must stay on the cot during this time.  Your child may bring in a soft toy to sleep with. You are responsible for providing linens.  We suggest a crib sheet, a blanket, and a small pillow. Linens go home every Friday to be laundered.