Toddler Room


We hope our program will be a rewarding and learning experience for your child.  Our staff is here to help your child as they grow and develop new skills. 

We strive to maintain a calm and relaxed teaching atmosphere.  The children have a mid-morning concept time where they are free to explore several areas including, art, large motor, pretend, etc.  Most of our program is free play with a lot of child-adult interaction. Most teaching is indirect, i.e. “How many cars are there?” or “May I have the red block?”  There is a great deal of talking on the teacher’s part for language development. We also do a language activity daily with those children interested. This may involve books, tapes, or picture identification cards to reinforce vocabulary.

We also have a simple art project each day, usually done one-on-one with a teacher, or in groups of two or three. Our group time before lunch consists of finger plays, singing, puppets, stories, etc.


Each teacher in our room loves working with children and wants only the best for them.  We give lots of hugs and affection every day. We appreciate your input and need to hear any concerns you may have.  Your child’s happiness is our top priority! 

Primary Caregiver

The children in the Toddler Room interact with all of the teachers even though each child is assigned to a primary teacher with 3-4 other children.


6:30    Open – free play

8:30    Breakfast

9:00    Story Time, change diapers/ bathroom

9:30    Concept time/Areas

10:15     Outdoors/Gym time

11:00     Group Time/Handwashing/change diapers/bathroom

11:15     Lunch Time

1:00    Nap/Rest Time

3:00    Wake up/Quiet play/change diapers/bathroom

3:30    Snack

4:00    Outside/Gym time

5:00    Concept/Areas

5:15    Free time/ Clean-up 

6:00    Close

Our schedule may change occasionally to meet the individual needs of the children.

Helpful Information

Lunch Time: Children sit in chairs at the table and feed themselves.  We will help those who need guidance. They are encouraged to use spoons, but fingers are sometimes easier.  We do not mind messes, and we do get dirty!! PLEASE dress accordingly! Milk is served with every meal and snack.  Most children are learning to use cups at this stage. We expect to have quite a few spills. You may bring a sipper cup if you wish.  Please label both lid and cup. If your child cannot have milk for any reason (allergies, illness) you may provide an alternative beverage, which must be a milk replacement or 100% juice.

Breakfast:  We serve a breakfast consisting of cereal or bread, a fruit or fruit juice, and milk, as indicated by USDA food guidelines.  Breakfast is served at 8:30. Please try to have your child here by this time.

General Information

Toilet Training

We will help you train your child on the toilet whenever you feel he/she is ready.  However we have found that the children are most easily trained near or after their second birthday.  Before this age they are usually not emotionally or physically ready. We have also found training pants or underwear are better than diapers or pull ups for training.


The children nap on a cot provided by the center.  Parents provide a blanket and sheet (a fitted crib sheet works great).  Your child may bring a pillow and a stuffed animal if he/she likes to sleep with one.  We play soft music and rub backs to help children relax and will also hold & cuddle those who need it.  Those who wake up early may rise and play quietly.

 Personal Belongings

Diapers, etc. – We use only disposable diapers as required by public health laws.  You may bring in a box/bag with your child’s name on it and we will remind you when your supply is getting low.  Parents are also required to provide baby wipes for their child. Please bring at least one change of clothing (shirt, pants, socks) to keep on hand.  While toilet training, we need at least 3 or 4 pants and socks to allow for accidents. PLEASE label ALL articles of clothing, including coats, jackets, hats, mittens and boots. 


We expect the children to get along and treat each other with kindness.  The toddler age is when socialization skills are starting to form. We work with the children to solve their conflicts.  Please refer to the Parent Handbook for a copy of the discipline policy.

Outdoor Play

We play outdoors every day when weather permits.  Please be sure your child has adequate outdoor play clothing.  This includes coat, hat, mittens and boots for winter months. Also be sure to send sunscreen for the summer months.

Water Play

On the hot summer days we play outside in the sprinkler and in the water table.  If you would like your child to participate, please bring a towel and swimming suit or shorts.