Sex Education Advisory Board & Information

Last year, the Sex Education Advisory Board sent out a Parent Survey to collect required stakeholder feedback to guide our Sex Education curriculum for our students.  Last year’s survey was sent out just prior to the unfortunate closing of our schools (due to COVID) in March.  Participation in that survey was limited and the Sex Ed Advisory Board would like to encourage you to participate in this year’s survey.
If you participated in the survey last Spring, we have archived previous responses, however, if you aren’t sure, please take a moment to provide your feedback!

Sex Education Advisory Board:

  • Kate Connors, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Christiansen
  • Tyler Cline
  • Laura Gourlay
  • Maggie Hovey
  • Kristina Hug, Co-Chair
  • Jessica Lapp
  • Kim O’Boyle
  • Adam Reid
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Curtis Wager
  • Heather Wezensky

Non-Voting Members

  • Linda Boyd  (Administration Liaison)
  • Jennifer Verleger (Administration Liaison)
  • Delaynne Schutt (Recording Secretary)

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