S.A.C.C. Program

Children arrive at varying times according to the needs of their parents.  Parents are required to come inside with their child and sign them in each morning.  We cannot assume responsibility for your child until a staff member acknowledges their presence and a parent signs them in.  On the tables in the cafeteria will be games, puzzles, cards, paper, markers and various craft items for your child to use. We cannot assume responsibility for personal belongings. Children will be closely supervised and breakfast is available to purchase through the school’s meal service program. 

Children enrolled in the SACC program will have the opportunity to play on the school playground.  Public school playgrounds used for school age children are exempt from DHS, Bureau of Children & Adult Licensing regulations.

Children  enrolled in the SACC program are required to sign a behavior/discipline contract along with their parents.  Disruptive behavior will result in not being allowed to attend. 


The cost is $7.00 for each morning – $6.50 for additional siblings for the regular morning SACC program.  There is a $25 annual enrollment fee per family. Checks are to be made out to Mt. Pleasant Schools. You may pay with a check at the schools the week tuition is due.  Cash may only be accepted at the Kinney office. Online credit card payment is also accepted through the Mt. Pleasant School District website using eFunds For Schools Link.  We will accept children on an as needed basis when space is available.


Children must be enrolled through our main office at the Kinney Building before they are allowed to attend the SACC program.  A phone call is sufficient to withdraw your child from the SACC program.

To enroll your child please contact us at (989) 775-2340      

Program Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable program for your school age child.  Many parents are unable to stay home

until a bus can transport their child to school. We believe these children deserve an environment that is pleasurable and relaxed before their school day begins.  Please contact us with any concerns or comments.  We continually strive to improve our program and your input is valued. Welcome Aboard!!

Please contact the PEAK Program (779-5331) for the after school program.

PEAK also provides child care on some scheduled closed days.

Michelle Kisell –SACC  Director

Karen Cotter – CLC Director

Erica Machuta – CLC Asst. Director 

General Information


The Children’s Learning Center is a state licensed child care program.  We offer an early morning before school program at Ganiard, Pullen and Vowles Elementary Schools.


We provide School Age Child Care, which is generally referred to as the “SACC” program.  Our service is available for Kindergarten through Sixth Graders. Fancher & McGuire students may attend and ride a bus to their school.


Our programs take place in the cafeterias at Ganiard, Pullen & Vowles Elementary Schools.  Our main office is located in the Kinney Building.


The regular morning SACC program opens at 7:00am and runs until the morning bell rings.   We also provide care for school delay days (fog, snow, ice delay days, etc). If the delay turns into school being canceled for the day, children must be picked up by 10:45 a.m.


This program offers a safe alternative for parents that must leave for work before the bus picks up their child(ren) or before the regular time children are allowed to be at school.


The SACC program is generally staffed with college students, many who are studying to be Elementary Teachers.  All staff and volunteers will have the required background checks. Volunteers will supervised at all times by program staff.


Proper hand washing is required for children and staff after each use of the restroom.  All staff members have received Blood Borne Pathogen training to reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting infectious disease.  This training includes the use of universal precautions in controlling the spread of infection. The following steps are to be followed for cleaning and sanitizing: wash surface with soapy water, rinse with clean water and spray with sanitizing solution. Children exhibiting symptoms of illness will be sent home to reduce the spread of illness.  Mt. Pleasant Schools are cleaned and sanitized daily by GRBS professional cleaning staff. Health related resources available to staff include Blood Borne Pathogen training manual, CPR/First Aid training materials, Central Michigan District Health Department  website link & Dept. of Human Services: Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers Book.