Professional Study Committee

PSC, the Professional Study Committee, is composed of eight members: four members appointed by the MPEA Executive Board of the Association and four members from the administrative group appointed by the Board of Education. This was negotiated in 1967 in MPEA’s first contract.

The purpose of PSC is to study curriculum and serve in an advisory, consultative and fact-finding capacity to the Board. PSC works to bring about needed curricular and instructional changes, innovations in teaching methods and techniques, class composition, curriculum and any other phases of the instructional program.   As the curriculum advisory committee for the district, the PSC is responsible for:

  • Collaboratively developing an aligned curriculum including outcomes, best-practice delivery, and assessments
  • Evaluating current and proposed programs
  • Assessing the need for recommended changes and the impact said change would have on other areas in the district
  • Facilitating a process to generate (design, formulate) staff development
  • Coordinating curriculum with all other district and building initiatives
  • Investigating innovative and proven practices and continuing to keep current with learning theory

Currently serving on PSC for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Linda Boyd-Assistant Superintendent, Central Office
  • Erin King-Title I, Pullen Elementary, Chair
  • Katie Hoyle-3rd Grade, Fancher Elementary
  • Wendy Hoyle-6th Grade Language Arts, MPMS
  • Julia Pepper- High School Mathematics
  • Wendy Epple-Ex Officio
  • Marcy Stout-Principal, Ganiard Elementary
  • Katie Rinke-Principal, Fancher Elementary
  • Darby Weaver-Principal, MPMS
  • John Winkler-Principal, MPHS

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