PSC – Professional Study Committee

Superintendent and PSC Statement from September 18, 2021 Board Meeting

MPPS Superintendent and PSC Statement about Critical Race Theory (pdf)

At Mt. Pleasant Public Schools, the Professional Study Committee (PSC) curricular review process intentionally includes a variety of stakeholders in an ongoing effort to look at the curriculum taught and the resources used. Our regular cycle process for all content areas includes: the review of Michigan state standards in comparison to our curriculum documents,
the reflection on how diversity of cultures and academic needs are addressed or represented in resources, and identification of appropriate staff development.

According to State Superintendent, Dr. Michael Rice, “Critical race theory is not a curriculum, and it is not a pre-K-12 curriculum. It is in fact an academic umbrella of reflections and writings developed in higher education (colleges, universities, law schools, and graduate schools) since the mid-1970s, to consider the elements and impacts of racism and particularly institutional racism on our country and citizenry.”

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools follows Michigan State approved standards in all content areas, including social studies and language arts. These standards do not include Critical Race Theory.  These standards do include factual, historical information about race and racism.

PSC has every intention to continue supporting a DEEPLY reflective curriculum review process for all curriculum areas at Mt. Pleasant Public Schools.

Resources & References:

MDE – Students Need to Learn About All Aspects of American History
Reflections on Critical Race Theory, Race, Racism, Other Isms and the Teaching of History by Dr. Michael Rice, Ph.D, State Superintendent (pdf)

Professional Study Committee

PSC, the Professional Study Committee, is composed of eight members: four members appointed by the MPEA Executive Board of the Association and four members from the administrative group appointed by the Board of Education. This was negotiated in 1967 in MPEA’s first contract.

PSC stands for the Professional Study Committee and is the curriculum advisory committee for the district.   PSC works to  ensure that the district-wide curriculum provides the framework for what all students are expected to know, do, and be able to perform.  It is vital that the curriculum is aligned across grade levels and that it addresses the requirements identified through the State Standards and Benchmarks for teaching and learning.  As the curriculum advisory committee for the district, the Professional Study Committee (PSC) is responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining an ongoing framework and process for curriculum development conducted by task forces representing teachers, administrators and community members

  • Collaboratively developing an aligned curriculum including outcomes, best-practice delivery, and assessment

  • Evaluating current and proposed programs

  • Assessing the need for recommended change and the impact the change would have on other areas

  • Facilitating a process to generate (design, formulate) staff development

  • Coordinating curriculum with all other district and building initiatives

  • Investigating innovative and proven practices and continuing to keep current with learning theory

Currently serving on PSC for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Linda Boyd-Curriculum Oversight
  • Erin King-Admin Rep.
  • Katie Hoyle-PSC Chair and 3-5 Teacher Rep.
  • Wendy Hoyle-Middle School Teacher Rep.
  • Alexia Cain-High School Teacher Rep.
  • Allison Karr-DK-2 Teacher Rep.
  • Wendy Epple-Ex Officio
  • Marcy Stout-Admin Rep.
  • Darby Weaver-Admin Rep.
  • John Winkler-Admin Rep.

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