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MPHS Math Department Calculators

In recent days, MPHS math teachers have been unboxing, uploading operating system software and programs, and numbering via etching pen the 160 calculators the Education Foundation so generously donated and delivered.  In their department meeting, they coordinated a plan that distributes the calculators to support spring MPHS math courses.  With some students taking their classes through Oilers Online, every class that uses the graphing calculator as a regular part of their daily curriculum will be able to start using the CE units as the primary in class calculator.

From the MPHS Math Department:  “On behalf of the math teachers and students at MPHS, we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to everyone involved in making this happen.  We appreciate all the Education Foundation does for MPPS, but this deserves an extra special thank you.  We were missing a couple of teachers at today’s department meeting, but we wanted to share our gratitude with a few photos.  Please feel free to share these with other Education Foundation board members, donors, or anyone else that would benefit from being aware of the awesome generosity we are experiencing.”


The MPHS Math Deptartment approached the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Education Foundation (MPPSEF) with a request to provide graphing calculators for their high school math students.  The MPPSEF is committed to the success of the students in the Mt. Pleasant Public School District.  The goal is to purchase calculators and charging stations for 11 classrooms, a total of 250 calculators with charging stations at a cost of $32,000.  They have currently raised $20,000 and purchased 160 which were distributed.  There are between 740 to 765 students taking a math class and most students will have 2-3 trimesters of math each year.  It is their goal to raise the additional funds as every student needs access.

Donations may be sent to 720 N. Kinney made out to MPPSEF.  The children in our community are the future and they deserve all the academic advantages we can provide