About Us

Our Beliefs and Values I.N.S.P.I.R.E Lifelong Learning

Our teachers are continually exploring opportunities to make their classrooms exceptional learning environments to help their students grow to be lifelong learners, and the MPPSEF hopes to provide resources beyond the basics covered by the district and the State of Michigan.

For over 100 years Mount Pleasant Public Schools have been inspiring amazing lives, our alumni roles are filled with outstanding citizens and accomplished graduates.

The MPPSEF invites your help as we move forward enhancing the high quality of student education.

Like most states Michigan has reduced its school funding, yet the reality and the global requirement for ever-improving education are at odds.


The purpose of this fund is to support projects and programs that will empower and achieve.


The Foundation has two funding opportunities, an INSPIRE Fund and an Endowment Fund.  The goal of these funds is to develop one-time funds through the INSPIRE Fund and on-going funds through the Endowment Fund for special classroom projects or resources in partnership with the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools. The goal is to have an endowed fund that will generate distributable revenues to the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Education Foundation in the amount of $40.00 per student enrolled in the Mt. Pleasant Public School District every year. Currently that is about $140,000 a year. We need to build an endowment fund of $15,000,000 to achieve this goal.

How the Endowment will be Funded

“Donors may contribute directly to the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Education Foundation endowment fund hosted by the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation. In addition, the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Education Foundation plans to invest 5% of all annual contributions in the endowment fund.

MPPSEF Board of Directors

It is with gratitude that we recognize those who serve as board members of the MPPSEF Foundation.

  • Mary Lu Yardley, President
  • Keith Voeks, Vice President
  • Wayne Rhode, Treasurer
  • Kathy Tucker, Secretary
  • Kim Bishop
  • Andrew Brockman
  • Amy Grandy
  • Ally Kaniski
  • Dr. Mike Moutsatson
  • Bob Peters
  • Erica Ross
  • Teresa Rupert
  • Judy Smith 
  • Ex Officio
  • Amy Bond
  • Jennifer Verleger