Great Start Readiness Program – GRASP

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools are pleased to connect you with the GRASP program!  GRASP is a correspondence program for grades K-8 which helps students maintain reading and math skills over the summer.Students receive a packet of materials with a booklet, containing 9 lessons.  It takes approximately 1 hour to complete each lesson. Students can work at their own pace over the summer, with the goal being to complete all of the lessons by early August.  Completed lessons are mailed to GRASP, where they are scored and returned to your child with comments.  

Students who successfully complete at least 7 of the 9 lessons with 70% accuracy, are awarded a certificate.  Students completing all 9 lessons with 70% accuracy will receive a medal. (Medals and certificates will be distributed to your child’s school).

When registering, it is recommended that you select the grade your child just completed so that they may review the material they learned.  If your child is ahead, or behind grade level, you may order the level you feel is appropriate.  *For more information on enrollment, please call Lead Teacher/program director Kristen Cardinal at (989) 433-2962, ext. 106.  To access the preschool application go to  How to Enroll:  Contact Kristen Cardinal at 989-433-2962.  Contact Information: Kristen Cardinal Program Supervisor 989-433-2962.

Click here for the GRASP Information and Enrollment Form (Google Link)