COVID 19 -Continuity of Learning Plans & Resources

MPPS COVID Learning Plan1MPPS COVID Learning Plan2

MPPS District Continuity of Learning Information (pdf)

MPPS Continuity of Learning Plan (pdf)

Continuity of Learning Plan – GSRP Rosebush (pdf)

Academic Packet Pick-Up Information (Google Doc Link)

Elementary Schools

Fancher Elementary Teacher and Staff Contact Information (Google Doc Link)

DK Learning Packets:

DK Activities Packet 1-2 (pdf)

DK Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

Kindergarten Learning Packets:

Kindergarten Activities Packet (pdf)

Kindergarten Activities Packet 1 (pdf)

Kindergarten Activities Packet 2 (pdf)

Kindergarten Activities Packet 3 (pdf)

Kindergarten Activities Packet 4 (pdf)

Kindergarten Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

First Grade Learning Packets:

First Grade Activities Packet (pdf)

First Grade Activities Packet 1 (pdf)

First Grade Activities Packet 2 (pdf)

First Grade Activities Packet 3 (pdf)

First Grade Activities Packet 4 (pdf)

First Grade Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

Second Grade Learning Packets:

Second Grade Activities Packet (pdf)

Second Grade Activities Packet 1 (pdf)

Second Grade Activities Packet 2 (pdf)

Second Grade Activities Packet 3 (pdf)

Second Grade Activities Packet 4 (pdf)

Second Grade Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

3rd Grade Learning Packets:

3rd Grade Learning Packet 1 (pdf)

3rd Grade Learning Packet 2 (pdf)

3rd Grade Learning Packet 3 (pdf)

3rd Grade Learning Packet 4 (pdf)

3rd Grade Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

4th Grade Learning Packets:

4th Grade Learning Packet 1 (pdf)

4th Grade Learning Packet 2 (pdf)

4th Grade Learning Packet 3 (pdf)

4th Grade Learning Packet 4 (pdf)

4th Grade Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

5th Grade Learning Packets:

5th Grade Learning Packet 1 (pdf)

5th Grade Learning Packet 2 (pdf)

5th Grade Learning Packet 3 (pdf)

5th Grade Learning Packet 4 (pdf)

5th Grade Activities Packet 5 (pdf)

Middle School

MPMS Remote Learning Packets and Resources (Google Doc Link)

MPMS Remote Learning Resources (Google Doc Link)

MPMS Remote Learning Resources (Google Slides Link)

MPMS Staff Contact Information (Google Doc Link)

High School

Senior Class (12th) COVID Letter (pdf)

Underclass (9th, 10th, 11th) MPHS COVID Letter (pdf)

MPHS Teacher Assignment and Contact Information (Google Doc Link)


GITEC Continuity of Learning Information and Teacher Contact Information (pdf)

GI-TEC Teacher Assignment and Contact Information (Google Doc Link)

Community Education

MPCE Continuity of Learning Letter (pdf)

MPCE Course Materials (Google Drive Link)


Oasis-WAY COVID FAQ & Information (pdf)

Counseling Resources

Ganiard, Pullen and Vowles Counseling Center (Google Doc Link)

Fancher & McGuire Counseling Corner (Google Doc Link)

Middle School Counseling Department Resources (Google Doc Link)

High School Counseling Department Resources (Google Doc Link)

Resources in Gratiot & Isabella Counties during Covid-19 Link