Children’s Learning Center Home

The Mt. Pleasant Schools’ Children’s Learning Center was established in 1982 in conjunction with the Mt. Pleasant Area Technical Center.  We are a year round child-care center as well as a laboratory site for area high school students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program.  The Children’s Learning Center is a social/emotional-based center.  Each level, infant through preschool, operates with a primary teacher or caregiver.  We provide lots of individualized attention for each child.  Our environment offers a safe place where children can play, explore, learn important social skills, and develop emotionally and cognitively.  Our goal is to create a strong foundation for life long learning.

Our center is open to the public and serves children from six weeks to preschool age.  The Center provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Parents provide personal supplies for their child (diapers, wipes, change of clothing).  Our budget is supported with bi-weekly tuition payments. Hours of operation are 6:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Snack included in cost of care.
  • CPR & First Aid Trained Staff
  • Experienced & Caring Staff
  • Focus is on social & emotional development.
  • Cognitive development through play and exploration.
  • Creativity & imagination are encouraged through pretend.
  • Weekly themes

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide young children with a secure physical and emotional environment, encouraging independence, self worth, and decision making skills. We will promote the value of family and community, while promoting success through early intervention and the development of individual skills.


INFANT ROOM: 6 wks-12 months

Infant’s individual feeding and sleeping schedules dictate the day. 

Our staff provides a loving atmosphere with lots of hugs and cuddling!

WEEBLE ROOM: 1  year olds

Individual schedules are also accommodated in this room, with some added structured activities. Simple arts and crafts introduced.  Physical, social, and language abilities are the focus as each child develops at his/her own pace.

TODDLER ROOM: 2 year olds

Daily routine is introduced including story time, music and art projects.  Young children learn through play and are given plenty of time to explore and discover.  Vocabularies are exploding at this age and teachers are always available to encourage new words.

TYKE ROOM: 2 ½ – 4 years

A daily schedule is followed including art, pretend, floor toys, table toys, language development, music, outdoor play, group time, and nap.  Learning to cooperate in a group setting begins to be the focus at this level.

PRESCHOOL  ROOMS: 3 ½ –  5 years

Our main focus is on the development of social skills, self-confidence, emotional growth and independence.  Creativity, imagination, and school readiness skills become part of the curriculum. Children will be provided with the opportunity for exploration in a variety of areas as well as participate in teacher directed activities.

**Age groups are approximate based on the individual child’s development and enrollment.**