About Us

MPCE provides educational services to youth and adults through a variety of programs. MPCE offers day and evening classes for those with various schedules.

Alternative and Adult Education is for individuals 18 years and over who are interested in improving basic literacy or math skills. Eligible individuals may have a diploma or GED but lack the skills needed to succeed in the workplace, job-training, or college..

  • GED Preparation is for students interested in preparing to take and pass the GED test.  GED Testing is for students interested in taking the GED test.
  • Independent Learning Lab/Credit Recovery Allows students from 9th grade and up to recover credit to apply towards a high school diploma.
  • WAY program is a personalized learning experience for all students, offering an innovative approach to education utilizing state of the art technology and project-based learning in alignment with state and national content standards.
  • Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a pre-school for 4 year olds designed to prepare them for Kindergarten.  GSRP is currently located in Rosebush.
  • Community Alternatives program provides site placement to individuals who have been referred by City Attorney and County Prosecuting Offices to complete community service hours.
  • Victim Impact Panel is a program where impaired driving offenders attend the panel where victims speak briefly about how their lives and families have been affected by accidents involving drinking and driving.

For more information: call us at (989) 775-2370, visit us at 3480 S. Isabella Rd. or e-mail us: mpce@mpps.edzone.net